Ryan Trutch and our caterham  - capesthorne classics with premier road and track events
In 2004 we worked with Ryan Trutch in Dubai . After returning to the uk in the property crash in the middle east we left our 7 seen here with trutch for safe keeping till we returned but he turned out to be a thief  . Years later after we tracked him down to the dubai auto drome he wrote this :-
trutch wrote - Glad to hear your OK. The last piece of information I heard about you was that you had fallen very sick and passed away. I have sent many emails to you and your business associate regarding the car and sending it back years ago, I dint get any reply and I had to leave dubai urgently and left everything behind.
Your car was left in the warehouse where I had the company since I had no idea what to do with it and you were the only one to authorise sending it back etc. Its 2 years since I left now and I am not in contact with anyone there.
I am sorry about this and made every attempt to contact you at the time through your website and email but all my efforts where fruitless.
Let me see if I can find out anything for you and will revert.
Regards Ryan
But  he actually sold the car to one of his clients and never contacted and i am alive and well running race dubai and capesthorne classics still !
Can you help ? contact minigp@live.co.uk asap please
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